Just be



To be and  let it be, the simplicity of a place without pretensions.

A place with energy bases of powerful effect in your soul.

“Being” is our promise; like that we are, without pretensions nor falsities.

ZenHarmony Suites: a place where the mind rests and the spirit can be.


The heart of Mexico beats in the town of Puerto Vallarta



In ZenHarmony Suites you will find 40 suites surrounded by a magical town, just 3 minutes away from the beach (walking distance). The atmosphere of silence and meditation that covers ZenHarmony Suites.

Our proposal

Come and get away for a few days from the noise of work and stress from the office; relax in our garden by the pool and listen to the pleasure of the silence in your mind.

Experience Puerto Vallarta like you never have before. Move in for the holidays to ZenHarmony Suites. Enjoy the silence.

Full awareness of the present in ZenHarmony Suites


ZenHarmony Suites is simply a fulfilling paradise, where we create stress release experiences through peace, yoga and meditation.

Live a healthy vacation surrounded by the pure magic of Puerto Vallarta.

Come and experience our retreat and "Just Be", transform your present in a place that soothes the soul.

Hour of silence

At arrival, we recommend not speaking for 60 minutes and reconnect with yourself on our solar meditation niche.

Be silence

Love your body

Pamper your machine with love in our whirlpool and hot water under the sun or moonlight.

Be one with your body

Explore the world

Swimming in the ocean or visiting the jungle. Expand your soul.

Be nature

Let it all out

 Listen to your body in your preferred zen session. Find peace beneath the sun or meditate with the moonlight.

Be energy

Eat healthy

Growing from an experience is learning to cook simple and delicious local recipes that you can cook in your own suite. We will show you how and where to shop (even for a full detox)

Be consciousness

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Havre 261, Col. Versalles

Puerto Vallarta, Jal. México 48310

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